how much do most photographers in birmingham charge by the hour

Different photographers in Birmingham charge different prices per hour in their black and white portrait photographers work. The following is a breakdown of different photography firms and the amount they charge per hour.

· Carrera Commercial Photography: This firm captures main events that deal with commercial production of black and white portrait photographs, websites, brochure portraits and wedding photography. They charge a cost of 40 dollars per hour.

· Mark Little photography: This firm covers events and social occasion in venues across the United Kingdom, mostly in Birmingham city. They deal in corporate, family and wedding photography. They charge a cost of 50 dollars per hour in all their work

· Adrian Freeman photography: This firm exclusively deals with wedding photography work. Means of payment differ depending on the different packages that exist. Elite package is charged at 150 dollars per hour, emerald package comes at a cost of 100 dollars while diamond package comes at a cost of 80 dollars per hour.

· EGB Photography: These photographers in Birmingham charge 100 dollars for a silver wedding package in an hour. The package also comes with a CD and edited photos that have printing rights.

Having relevant information on the cost of photography helps you in budgeting. You also have an opportunity of weighing the options of what photography firm would work for you because you can look at the different services they offer such as 3d kitchen design and architectural rendering.